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In business, we are told that we need two allies: a good lawyer and a good accountant! I found that since the launch of my company and even before, Pierre and his team have been able to support me, advise me and guide me, making themselves available to answer tax questions. It happens all too often: whether it’s midnight, Pierre and his amazing team do all they can to accomplish wonders. Thank you for your humanity, your efficiency and your integrity! I have a good accountant, not a bean counter.

Nathalie Des Rochers L’académie Des Rochers inc.

You represent a quiet strength and keep us connected to the reality of today’s business world. Your matter-of-fact approach, your subtle humour and your passion for electronic novelties impress me.


Claude Sirois Businessman

Seven years ago, my partner and I were looking for an accountant who could review our turnover and complete our financial reports, as well as an expert who could help us better structure our businesses and reach our goal of achieving financial stability and being able to comfortably retire one day.

A colleague recommended that we make an appointment with Pierre Brochu, and we were impressed right away by his professional and organized approach.

Since then, Pierre and his team have provided us with outstanding service. Any questions, emails, etc. are answered very quickly, their good advice is highly appreciated and our retirement plan is becoming more and more tangible.

Thank you, Pierre!

Céline & Pat Shank

I sincerely thank you for your valuable help during our meeting on November 4 last year. Your professionalism and calm, paired with your wise advice, showed me a glimpse of a sunny financial future!

Normand Lootzak

Pierre, I want to thank you sincerely for all this information. As always, it exceeds my expectations – which is your trademark! Bravo!

Claude Lortie

I just want to thank you for your time and for everything you explained to me. You helped me better understand where I'm going, although our meeting brought out as many new questions as you provided answers! ? But that’s okay – it’s the way to go.

In short, I am very happy to have met you and I have no doubt that we will have a long and fruitful business relationship.

I cannot wait for my first tax report!! ? Thank you again

André Blanchard Translator

We do business with professionals who stay up-to-date and can advise us. I have no hesitation in referring your services.

C. Montminy

I must admit that I am truly blown away by your service, even a year later.

You have just gained clients for life (I know we are only a two-person outfit, but even so!)… and ample recommendations to anyone who asks!

Impôts 2018

I wanted to express my heartfelt thanks for the work you did as an accountant for the Association.

I am sincerely appreciative of how you showed your professionalism. I also appreciate your discretion in fulfilling this mandate.

I will certainly be most pleased to continue using your skills, if you’re agreeable.

Benoit Mottard DGR APCHQ Outaouais & Nord-Ouest du Québec

Your interventions are always opportune, inculcating our decisions with all of the requisite intellectual rigour. What’s more, your tireless dedication and great interest in academic success have helped continue the tradition of excellence our Board of Governors is recognized for, and this is to your credit.

Sylvain Blais Board Chair

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to thank you for the good work you have done.

Will you accept the mandate of preparing our financial statements for next year? Your firm was chosen at our annual general meeting. Thank you and have a good day

Lise Brière General manager – Tremplin des lecteurs

Tax system

  • Evaluation and improvement of tax processes;
  • Development of strategies that integrate direct and indirect taxation;
  • Preparation of income tax returns;
  • Compliance review;
  • Representation in dealing with tax authorities

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