Professional Accountants for the preparation, analysis and review of your financial statements.


Document review, distribution recommendations and statement preparation.


Development of strategies integrating direct and indirect taxation.


Are you a professional looking for the services of a CPA (Certified Professional Accountant)? Do not wait!

We leave nothing to chance

We document, analyze, plan and discuss, and work closely with you to implement solutions that meet your needs.

At Pierre Brochu CPA, we decided to think outside the box so we could offer professional services quickly. Our services are tailored to our clients’ needs:

  • Virtual document classification
  • Access to digitized documentation at all times
  • Automatic alerts for important deadlines
  • Virtual meetings and communications



Our professional, dynamic and versatile team has been there to answer your questions and meet your needs since 1992. Each and every one of our clients is important – you really matter to us! Our approach is tailored to your specific needs!


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Very easily, you just have to communicate with us and we will be happy to send you the documents you need. Thanks to our scanning system, it is very easy and quick to obtain these documents.

Of course, with the experience we have, we can certainly guide you through this long and sometimes very stressful process

YES! We have even developed a very effective software that calculates the optimal salary / dividend amount for a company shareholder. You will see, you will be very impressed by this kind of services.

Specifically, the three orders (CA, CGA and CMA) that governed the exercise of the accounting profession in Quebec were unified to form the Order of Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) of Quebec. As was the case previously for the three unified orders, the main mission of the New Order is to protect the public. The CPA Order is also governed by the Professional Code. This new order brings together all the persons who held, the day before the entry into force of the law, a license issued by one or other of the three unified orders.

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